Custom Cantilever Push/Pull Conveyor Top Table

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    Custom Cantilever Push/Pull Conveyor Top Table
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    This custom Lexco Cantilever Push/Pull HT series table was designed to extend into a stamping press and remove/install stamping dies. The table top is cantilevered 16” allowing the dies to be placed directly onto the lower platen of the press. Additionally, the table has an integrated push/pull system that allows the user to retrieve the dies from the machine without reaching into the machine. Lastly, counterweights were installed onto the opposite end of the table, allowing the weight transfer without the becoming unstable and “tipping” into the press.

    Transporting heavy and large dies can be a very difficult and dangerous job if you are not using the right equipment. Unfortunately too many companies wait for after the accident to happen before they are willing to spend the funds to invest in quality moving equipment that can handle the job safely and effortlessly.

    Please Note:  We do not have a price on this unit as it is just an example of a customized die handler that was built for a specific customer with their specific needs. Please call one of our reps to discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to provide you with a design, specs, and quote. We can customize, tabletop size, weight capacity, raised and lower heights and more.

    Unique Features on this particular model: Cantilever table top, Hydraulic jack rotated 45° for easy access, rotated grab handle, counter weights, & crank wheel to index the push/pull unit.

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