4 Heavy Duty Flush Shelf Cart - 3600 lbs Capacity

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    4 Heavy Duty Flush Shelf Cart - 3600 lbs Capacity
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    This 3,600 lbs capacity Shelf Cart features a 4-shelf design with flushed decks allowing easier loading and unloading of loads on and off the cart. Each shelves are built with larger capacities compared to other standard shelf carts capable of accommodating all sorts of loads at once and is available in 4 different shelf sizes.

    The 4 Heavy Duty Flush Shelf Cart is made out of fully-welded 12 gauge steel with powder coated gray finish which provides excellent strength, durability and resistance for rough material handling scenarios such as done in order picking, industrial facilities, warehousing, institutional purposes and even for office or for personal utility.

    In addition to that, the 4 Heavy Duty Flush Shelf Cart also has a sloped storage pocket measuring 14” wide and 12-1/2” long with a 4-3/4” access height which serves as a medium-sized storage for conveniently keeping smaller and valuable items near the operator. It also includes a writing shelf built for paper work purposes.

    Using this Shelf Cart maximizes work efficiency since it saves you much needed time, effort, energy and manpower by carrying all your cargo at an instance which translates to fewer trips. Not only that, it is even equipped with two rigid and two swivel large 6” Phenolic casters that feature exceptional maneuverability with multi-surfaced capabilities.

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    Other Features:

    • Built out of heavy duty all-welded 12 gauge steel frame with Powder coated gray finish for added strength and resistance for material handling applications
    • Larger capacity to pick more loads saving you time and effort
    • Comes with a total of 4 sturdy and large shelves which provide plenty of room to work on
    • Has a medium sized slope storage pocket measuring 14”W x 12-1/2”L x 4-3/4”H ergonomically designed for storing small to medium sized items at an easily accessible location
    • Flushed durable shelves for easier transfering on and off the cart
    • Has a convenient 12" long writing shelf measures 21" wide for the 24" wide models and 27" wide for the 30" wide models all designed for paperwork and more
    • Equipped with large 6" in diameter Phenolic casters, 2 swivel and 2 rigid, offering great performance and mobility
    • Has an overall height of 63-1/2”
    • Clearance between shelves is 16-1/2”

    Overall Specifications:

    4-Shelf Order Picking Truck



    Number of Shelves

    Shelf Size
    (Length x Width)


    Overall Height

    Wheel Size
    (Diameter x Width)





    24"W x 36"L




    6"D x 2"W





    24"W x 48"L



    30"W x 48"L



    30"W x 60"L


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Item - 4M-2436-6PH-WSP
Our price - $1041.99
Our price - $1041.99
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