2 Steel Flush Top Order-Picking Cart

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    2 Steel Flush Top Order-Picking Cart
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    This 1,200 lbs capacity Shelf Order-Picking Cart features a flushed deck design on its top shelf making it easier and far more efficient to move loads on and off the cart. Its bottom shelf has a -1/2” retaining lip edged deck capable of securely holding and containing numerous loads at a time maximizing your versatility in all material handling activities.

    The 2 Steel Lip Flush Top Order-Picking Cart is a great all-around cart which you can use in any material handling applications like warehousing, order picking, institutional, business and for personal utility. It is available in 3 different shelf sizes intended to cater all your needs.

    It is constructed out of heavy duty smooth steel with powder coated gray finish providing the Shelf Cart exceptional strength, durability and robustness and allowing it to endure and even excel in rough and ragged industrial applications. Not only that, the shelf cart comes standard with s writing shelf measuring 21" wide and 12" long for added convenience especially when dealing with paperwork.

    This 2 Steel Lip Flush Top Order-Picking Cart is equipped with 2 swivel and 2 rigid 5” fully Polyurethane casters that feature an ergonomic breaking system, multi-surfaced capabilities and great maneuverability which make it the perfect cart for transporting and carrying your loads in whatever location you desire.

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    Other Features:

    • Built out of heavy duty smooth steel frame with Powder coated gray finish for added strength and resistance for material handling applications
    • Comes with two sturdy and large shelves which provide plenty of room to work on
    • Flushed top deck and 1-1/2" retaining lip-edged bottom deck for easier transfering on and off the cart
    • Has a convenient writing shelf measures 21" wide x 12" long for paperwork and more
    • Equipped with large 5" in diameter Polyurethane casters with brakes, 2 swivel and 2 rigid, offering great performance and mobility
    • Has a top shelf height 35" with an overall height of 39”
    • Clearance between shelves is 25”

    Overall Specifications:

    2-Shelf Order Picking Truck



    Number of Shelves

    Shelf Size
    (Length x Width)


    Overall Height

    Wheel Size
    (Diameter x Width)





    18"W x 32"L




    5"D x 2"W





    24"W x 36"L




    24"W x 48"L



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Item - LG-1832-WSBRK
Our price - $626.99
Our price - $626.99
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