Hero Hand Truck - Beer Kegs and Water Tank Lifter

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    Hero Hand Truck - Beer Kegs and Water Tank Lifter


    The Hero Hand Truck is a multifunctional hand truck which makes the job easier, increases productivity, lowers labor costs, and decreases the risk of back related injury. It allows you to lift, move and deliver heavy objects all on your own. It is ideal for lifting beer kegs, water tanks, washers and other appliances.

    The Hero Hand Truck is made in the USA with quality craftsmanship and care. It features flat-free, lightweight large-width tires which allows easy crossing on gravel and grass. It has a self-breaking winch that provides smooth lift. Its lift plate and lift rods detach to decrease weight for jobs with stairs involved. The lift plate touches the floor which makes loading heavy items a breeze.

    The Hero Hand Truck can haul any large heavy item within the measured specifications and weight limits:

    • Overall Weight: 63 lbs
    • Overall Height: 56 inches
    • Lift Plate-Width: 16.0 inches
    • Lift Plate-Length: 13.50 inches
    • Overall Hand Truck Width: 21 inches
    • Tires Height: 10 inches
    • Axle Thickness: 0.625
    • Weight Limit: 300 lbs
    • Maximum Lift Height: 28 inches

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Our price - $899.99
Our price - $899.99
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