Electric Powered Convertible Hand Truck

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    Electric Powered Convertible Hand Truck

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    WESCO Cobra Pro Jr. Battery Powered Hand Truck

    This convertible hand truck means business! Upon first glance of the Cobra Pro Jr., you’ll know that you’re in the presence of something powerful, whether you use it as a 2-wheel hand truck or a 4-wheel platform truck. It is battery powered, which means that you can do most of the moving work with just your fingertips, saving your body lots of unnecessary stress. Upon your command, this truck will go up standard ramps and descend the same ramps at a controlled speed—it won’t go anywhere you don’t tell it to go and it will go only as fast as you want.

    If you want your hand truck to stop mid-ramp, then it will stop mid-ramp! And its pneumatic tires means the Cobra Pro Jr. can go just about anywhere over any kind of surface. You control everything! Your battery powered convertible hand truck comes with a rechargeable battery as well as the charger itself. On a flat surface, it will carry up to 600lbs as a 2-wheel hand truck, and as a 4-wheel it’ll carry up to 1200lbs. The Cobra Pro Jr. can also be used manually; just turn off the drive and its easy-grip handles will still provide you with a comfortable move.

    The Cobra can handle up to 17 degree inclines! Check out the bigger senior model here.

    Options include a spare battery module which plugs directly into the truck and comes with 2 batteries and the case in which they sit, 30" folding nose, and a platform deck.

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  • Specs
    • Capacity - 2 wheel: 600 lbs
    • Capacity - 4 wheel: 1,200 lbs
    • Capacity on 17½º ramp:2 wheel: 600 lbs
    • 4 wheel: 950 lbs
    • Frame bed: 12" x 38"
    • Weight: 109 lbs
    • Overall height: 51.75"
    • Overall width: 22"

    High-torque battery powered drive system makes easy work of hauling heavy loads over long distances. Powerful enough to climb standard truck ramps. Infinitely variable throttle handles every application and provides controlled descent. Easy fingertip speed control. Drive may be disengaged to use truck in manual mode.

    Power drive works in 2-wheel or 4-wheel mode. Complete with charger and rechargeable battery module. Spare battery modules are available for high usage and extended times between recharge. 10" full pneumatic tires for use on a variety of smooth or rough terrains. Reduces operator strain and fatigue and increases productivity.Battery module plugs directly into drive unit. No need to attach cables. Spare battery module, part #220655, includes 2 batteries and case.

Item - Wesco 220653
List Price: $3549.99
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List Price: $3549.99
Our price - $2399.99
Wesco 220653
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30" Folding Nose
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