Vestil Full Power Electric Pallet Truck

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    Vestil Full Power Electric Pallet Truck

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    The Vestil fully powered pallet truck was made for easy and quick operation. Electric drive and lift. Includes fingertip raise and lower buttons. Easy-to-operate throttle for forward and reverse direction. Throttle offers infinite forward and reverse speeds. Safety features include a horn and belly reverse button. Units run off 24V batteries with battery charger standard.

    The 3,000 pound capacity models use two 12V batteries with 70Ah rating. The 4,500 pound capacity models use four 6V batteries with 180Ah rating. Units will typically achieve a minimum of eight (8) hours of service on one full charge. Five different forks sizes available, with 3300 or 4500 lb capacity, see the chart below, then make your selection from the drop down on bottom of the page. Optional rider Kit Platfrom is available as an extra option.

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    Vestil Fully Powered Electric Pallet Trucks Specs

    Model Overall Size (WxLxH) Uniform Capacity (lbs) Fork Size (WxL) Service Range Net Weight (lbs)
    EPT-2047-30 28-1/4"x62-1/4"x50" 3,000 20"x47" 3.2"to7.8" 660
    EPT-2547-30 28-1/4"x65-1/4"x50" 3,000 25"x47" 3.1"to7.8" 671
    EPT-2048-45 30"x78-1/2"x49" 4,500 20"x48" 3.4"to8" 990
    EPT-2748-45 30"x73-1/2"x51" 4,500 27"x48" 3.2"to8" 1012
    EPT-2796-45 30"x125"x51" 4,500 27"x96" 3.2"to8" 1250
    EPT-45-RP-KIT Optional Rider Kit Platform 21

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  • Specs

    ✓ Intelligent handheld programmer (optional) provides a full set of parameter and function settings
    ✓ Diagnostic and test information for the controller—and other system components— readily available both on-board and through the programmer
    ✓ On-board potentiometers allow direct manual adjustment of acceleration rate, creep speed, maximum speed, plug current, and main current limit (1207 single-mode models only)
    ✓ Circuitry and software detects faults in the throttle circuit, MOSFET drive circuit, MOSFET transistors, contactor drivers, and contactors—ensuring that the controller meets EEC fault detect requirements
    ✓ Input sequencing options include neutral start and static return to off (SRO)
    ✓ Microprocessor-controlled contactor sequencing provides true arcless
    contactor switching
    ✓ Smooth, controlled plug braking—with either variable (throttle-dependent) or fixed plug current limit
    ✓ Neutral braking option provides automatic plug braking in neutral
    ✓ MultiMode™ input selects between two different operating modes, thus allowing optimization of vehicle characteristics for different driving conditions
    ✓ Emergency reverse (belly button switch) with a single input
    ✓ Ramp-start feature provides full power for starting on ramps
    ✓ Simple contactor and switch wiring, with coil drivers monitored for faults— thus ensuring fail-safe operation
    ✓ Flexible throttle circuitry accommodates a variety of throttle types
    ✓ Programmable “ramp shape” (static throttle map) provides flexibility in selecting throttle response feel
    ✓ Connections made by solid copper power busses with a polarized Molex connector for control signals
    ✓ Solid, well-protected construction—with an aluminum mounting plate and injection-molded cover.

Item - EPT-2748-45
Our price - $6855.99
Our price - $6855.99
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