Escalera Staircat Powered Stair Climber Hand Truck

Escalera Staircat Powered Stair Climber Hand Truck
Escalera power Hand Truck ms-60 ms-66 ms-72 ms-166 ms-1-72


Escalera Motorized Stairclimber Hand Truck 

Handtrucks2Go is proud to offer the the Escalera Staircat Electric Stair Climber hand truck for sale as part of our continuous efforts to present our customers the widest array of motorized stair climbers available anywhere. Made right here in the USA, constructed of a tough tempered aluminum alloy, making the handtrucks stronger than magnesium, but lighter than steel. All Escalera Stair Climber hand trucks are 24 inches wide and range in size from 60 inches to 72 inches tall.

One of the things that we especially like about the Escalera is the wide array of accessories available with the machine, making it a great choice for many applications. See the Accessories tab on top for full details. Every Escalera Stair Climber ships with the sealed gel-cell battery, automatic battery charger, and one automatic rewind safety strap included. They are available with either a 700 or 1200 pound capacity. If you need a stacker capability attached to your stairclimber, then have a look at the Escalera Powered stair climber and fork lift.

Escalera Stair Climber 700 LB. Capacity
 3 Models Available, from 60 to 72 inches tall.
MS-60  60" Tall
MS-66  66" Tall
MS-72  72" Tall


Escalera Stair Climber 1200 LB. Capacity
2 Models Available, in 66" or 72" tall.
MS-1-66   66" H
MS-1-72   72" H


The 700 lb capacity units will typically take 4 seconds per step (15 steps per minute), while the 1200 lb capacity units will take 7 steps per second (8-9 steps per minute).

1 Year Warranty Included


We also have 2 more videos on the Escalera Home Page which will help you decide which model is right for you, and another video showing customer testimonials.


What's Included ?

1 Rewind Belt - The 12 ft. automatic rewinding safety straps on the Escalera Stairclimbing Handtrucks work the same way as a seat belt in a car. They can be mounted at different heights on the hand truck and can easily be used to secure the heaviest of loads. The automatic rewinding safety straps are lightweight, and self-contained. Because they rewind into the side frame when they are not in use, you will never have loose straps dangling down by your feet. A simple to use thumb-style lock secures the strap for tightening.
Sealed Gel-Cell Battery - will not spill and can be laid on its side
Automatic battery charger - Includes clamps that can be attached directly to battery terminals, and a male/female plug that can be left permanently on the battery for easier and faster charging.

Optional  Accessories for Escalera Hand Truck
(Also have a  look at the Accessories Tab above for images and videos of the available accessories)

  • Extented  Toeplate  -  The default toeplate measures  4" deep x 24" across. The extended toeplate hooks on top of the existing toeplate (easy on/off) and extends the depth and width. Available in 2 sizes: 12" deep x 28" across or 12" deep x 32"across.
  • Big Wheel Attachment  - Hooks on to the back of your hand truck (easy on/off), allows you to roll over rough terrain with the Big Wheel Attachment. This removable accessory is perfect for moving heavy loads through gravel, grass, thick shag carpet, light snow, and even on flat smooth surfaces. The 10 inch pneumatic tires bear much of the weight of the load as you navigate on four wheels instead of two.
  • Extra Rewind Strap -  Every Escalera Stairclimbing Handtruck ships with one automatic rewinding safety strap included as standard. Additional straps are optional. *Please note 3rd extra rewind strap option is only available with the MS-72 and MS-1-72 models.
  • Crossgrip Handle  -  Adds on an ergonomic cross handle that goes across the back of your hand truck, it attaches to the standard loop handles. Makes using the hand truck much easier.
  • Retractable Load Support - Use the Retractable Load Support (RLS-1) when you need to roll heavy loads long distances. The caster legs fold up conveniently along the side frame when they are not in use. An easy-to-use foot-operated latch releases the caster legs and a locking arm secures the legs in the open position for safe and easy operation.
  • Upgraded Battery -  The standard Escalera battery is an 18H while the upgraded one in a 33AH. The upgraded battery which will give you almost double the use time per charge.  Many of our customers want to know how long the battery will last. While this is really dependent on many factors, such as weight, temperature... Generally speaking, it will last for 100-150 steps with the standard battery, and 200-300 with the upgraded battery. 
  • Spare Battery - We also have a spare battery option, where you can order a standard or upgraded batery. Please Note: If you select this option, make sure that both batteries are the same, i.e. either standard or upgraded, or else you will have a problem with the battery fittings.
  • Barrel Attachment -  Use the removable Barrel Attachment for moving drums and cylinders. This concave bracket prevents the load from rolling side to side and helps to secure the load to the Escalera hand truck for safe and easy deliveries.
  • Height Adjustable Toeplate - Designed for machines that have legs on them such as vending machines. This accessory will allow you to adjust the height of the toeplate be able to sit directly under the load. (When you order the adjustable toeplate it will come in addition to the standard toeplate)
  • Swivel Caster Attachment - Designed to allow you to easily roll the hand truck on its back. Ideal for sliding the hand truck in and out of your truck.  Not to be confused with the Retractable Load Support)
  • Step Detection System - Designed as an extra safety precaution to work with the Staircat hand trucks. It indicates to the operator when the hand truck is in the correct position to ascend or descend the steps. Simply activate the system with your foot by pressing on the release lever on each detector on both sides. The Detector will indicate the edge of very step by giving you a strong resistance which you will feel.
  • 12V In-Vehicle Charger  -  Allows you to charge up your Escalera while on the go from your vehicles power.
  • 14 ft. Extension Strap - Connects to the existing belt, adding on an additional 14 feet of length, for those extra big loads.
  • Portable Steps - Available in a variety of heights, this will allow you to easily bring your Escalera hand truck and its load in and out of your vehicle.

Escalera Staircat Powered Stair Climber Hand Truck - Reviews

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Item - MS-60
Our price - $2049.99
Our price - $2049.99
Choose Model
Ext. Toeplate 12" x 28"( +$135.00)
Ext.Toeplate 12" x 32"( +$135.00)
Big Wheel Attachment( +$175.00)
1 Extra Rewind Strap( +$99.00)
2 Extra Rewind Straps( +$198.00)
3 Extra Rewind Straps( +$297.00)
Crossgrip Handle( +$125.00)
Retractable Load Support ( +$199.00)
Upgraded Battery( +$99.00)
1 Barrel Attachment( +$69.00)
2 Barrel Attachments( +$138.00)
Height Adjustable Toeplate( +$135.00)
Swivel Caster Attachment( +$135.00)
Step Detection System( +$379.00)
12V In-Vehicle Charger( +$125.00)
Spare Battery - Standard( +$129.00)
Spare Battery - Upgraded( +$159.00)
1-14 ft. Extension Strap( +$65.00)
2-14 ft. Extension Straps( +$130.00)
3-14 ft. Extension Straps( +$195.00)
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