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    Lectro-Truck Mini Stacker
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    The Lectro-Stack mini stacker is great small and lightweight electric fork stacker. Easily fits into tight warehouse or office spaces. It can lift up to 750lbs up to 58". It is also designed to be able to attach to any of the Lectro-Truck electric stair climbers.

    The Lectro-Stack is designed to perform a several different tasks:
    1) The Lectro-Stack can be used as a miniature forklift to safely lift loads up to 750 pounds 58” off the ground. This makes the Lectro-Stack a viable option for maneuvering in tight areas such as a showroom where a standard fork-lift is unable to fit.

    2) The Lectro-Stack can be used as an attachment to the Lectro-Truck to make moving short heavy loads up stairs simple and easy byraising the center of gravity.

    The Lectro-Stack is used by companies in the wood burning stove, gaming, plumbing and heating industries, as well as many other industrial-based applications. Simple, straight-forward operation makes the Lectro-Stack convenient to use. And with a few uncomplicated accessories of its own, the Lectro-Stack will meet the needs of just about any customer.

    Comes equipped with two 6”x 2” rubber wheels on the rear of the machine and two 2” swivel casters on the front.  Comes standard with  a 6 Amp fully-automatic charger.  Simply plug the 110V electrical plug into the wall outlet and plug the gray connector into the corresponding gray outlet on the Lectro-Stack to charge.

    Using as a Stand Alone Stacker

    The ideal set-up for lifting an item from the ground is to have a pallet that has no cross-members on the floor. Another scenario is to have a pallet with cross-members on top of a spacer to allow you to roll the Lectro-Stack under the load. The need for this type of set-up is due to the fact that the Lectro-Stack has two outriggers on the front of it for structural support when lifting. Roll the Lectro-Stack forward so the forks are under the load to be moved.

    Once you have the Lectro-Stack in place, press the control switch forward to raise the forks. When the load is elevated off the floor (or spacers) you are able to roll the load where you need to go. If you need to raise the load further to load onto a truck, to stack a load, or to place a load onto a platform, power the Lectro-Stack by pushing the rocker switch forward. If you need to set the load down, push the rocker switch backward (toward the rear of the machine.)

    Using as an attachment to the Lectro-Truck Hand Trucks

    The Lectro-Trucks are designed to climb steps with a heavy load attached to it. Occasionally you may come across a load that is heavy but short. Due to the low center of gravity, this can make for a difficult stair climb. By attaching the Lectro-Stack to the Lectro-Truck you can raise the center of gravity and make the load balance very well. When the load is on the forks of the Lectro-Stack and you are ready to climb steps, begin the stair climbing process (as described in the Lectro-Truck Owner’s Manual).

    If you cannot counterbalance the load to raise it up to the first step, reach down to the rocker switch on the Lectro-Stack and raise the load up approximately one foot. Try to counterbalance the load again. If it will still not counterbalance easily, raise the load up another foot and try again. Continue this process until you have attained the ideal balance for stair climbing. You are now able to climb the steps safely and effortlessly.


    • Steel Construction
    • Unit Weight 130 lbs
    • Dimensions: 67" High x 25" Wide x 34" Deep
    • Lift Height 58"
    • Capacity 750 lbs
    • Fork Dimensions 28" Long x 17 3/4" Across (outer side to outer side - Platform is approx. the same)
    • 2" Phenolic fron swivel casters
    • Non-Marring 6" x 2" Rear Wheels

    Available Accessories
    The Lectro-Stack has a few accessories available to customize the machine to the tasks you need it to do.
    1) The All-Terrain Wheel Kit Upgrade, is a set of 15”x 6” pneumatic tires used in place of the 6”x 2” wheels that are standard on the Lectro-Stack. These are ideal for when you have to move loads across grass, gravel, broken concrete, high-pile carpeting, or just about any soft or uneven surface.
    Please Note: If you choose this option, you will only get the big wheels and not the smaller 6" wheels. If you want to use as attachment for your hand truck, you must order it with the smaller wheels only as the big wheels are too large and too wide to fit onto the toe plate of the Lectro-Truck.

    2) The Fork Plate bolts to the regular forks of the Lectro-Stack to give you a platform- style lift. This is a good accessory for when you are moving loads that may not be as large as the forks are wide or if the load to be moved has legs on the bottom that would not work well with the width of the forks. The Fork Plate should NOT be used when moving items that are palletized.
    (Lifting a pallet with the Fork plate installed may cause the pallet to tip off causing damage to the product and possible injury to the user.)

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