Custom Electro-Mechanical Lift Table with Retractable Ball Transfers

Custom Electro-Mechanical Lift Table with Retractable Ball Transfers


This Lexco custom lift table and transporter was designed for moving and raising/lowering heavy equipment in factories.

This particular model features a 24" x 36" tapletop, 1,000 lb lift capacity, and a 30" to 48" lift range. We can customize these for various weights, different tabletop sizes and lift heights. Some other options that this table was customized with include: Pneumatically controlled retractable ball transfers, foot operated. Retractable outriggers to increase load stability in raised position. Drop fences to add security to loads during transport. 2 button pendant (up/down controls).

Other Unique Features that this was customized with: Safety lockout system for pneumatic system allows ball transfers to remain deployed in the event of air pressure failure. Retractable outriggers with adjustable mounting feet. Height lock devises installed to allow loads to be locked into a predestined height during critical load transfer. Linear actuator lifting system: no hydraulics allowed for this application; Clean environment.

Transporting and handling heavy and large loads can be a very difficult and dangerous job if you are not using the right equipment. Unfortunately too many companies wait for after the accident to happen before they are willing to spend the funds to invest in quality moving equipment that can handle the job safely and effortlessly.

Please Note:  We do not have a price on this unit as it is just an example of a customized handler that was built for a specific customer with their specific needs. Please call one of our reps to discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to provide you with a design, specs, and quote.

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