Anderson Vending Machine and Appliance Dolly

Anderson Vending Machine and Appliance Dolly

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The Anderson Dolly System is the most inexpensive way to move heavy items. Tried and true,this system is the trick for vendors who move soda machines or the gun safe mover. Also great for freezers, tool boxes, machinery, file cabinets, pianos, all appliances, and many other items up to 1600 pounds. This model features 8 foot retractable straps, ball bearing swivels with roller bearings wheels.

The ANDERSON DOLLY uses leverage to lift loads 1.25 inches, enough to clear most thresholds and breezes through doorways as you don't have to tilt load back. The high quality 3 inch diameter wheels roll easy and the 1.75 inch width is nice to tile or wood floors. Equipped with 7 foot retractable straps, this dolly is easy to use. Casters welded to 1/8" steel plate. Hand made in the USA!

Color may vary. If your vending machine has legs, you will need this model with the spacers.


  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Toe plate 14" x 2"
  • Casters are welded to 1/8 inch steel plate
  • Steel construction
  • 3" casters
  • 1600 pounds capacity
  • 29.5" inches wide
  • Lifts machine 1.5" off the ground
  • Unit Weight 50 pounds
  • 7 ft length straps (in between both dollies) - With Upgrade option to 2 ratchets on both dollies that will extend it to 14 ft.

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Item - 3"Caster-Model
Our price - $549.99
Our price - $549.99
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