2000 lb Portable Steel Dump Hoppers

2000 lb Portable Steel Dump Hoppers


These Portable Steel Hoppers come with a 2000 lb capacity and are available in 3 different sizes, 1/2 cubic yard, 1 cubic yard, and 1-1/2 cubic yard. They make handling waste and bulk material a whole lot safer and more convenient. It is designed with fork truck entry tubes that allow movement over rough terrain (not to be used as a self-dumping hopper) which also includes a foot operated caster lock.

Units tilt with assistance from operator handle for dumping contents and also keeping in mind that P-HOP's must be attached to fork truck when dumping.

Other Features:

  • A capacity of 2,000 lbs
  • 12 gauge of steel
  • Fork truck entry tubes with usable fork pockets are 7" x 2" on 21-5/8" centers (11-5/8" fork pocket center for 1/2 cubic yard capacity model only)
  • Welded construction for increase durability and sturdiness
  • Baked in powder coat blue finish for added toughness
  • 8"x 2" Glass filled Nylon Casters: Two rigid, One swivel and One swivel with lock are standard


1) Never exceed load center rating per fork truck manufacturer's guidelines.

2) Do not use this fork truck attachment if load will exceed fork truck manufacturer's load center rating.

Portable Steel Hopper
Model Size (WxLxH) Volume Cubic Yards Weight (lbs)

34-13/16" W
53-7/8" L
37-3/16" H

1/2 262
P-HOP-1.0 58-13/16" W
53-15/16" L
37-1/8" H 
1 389
P-HOP-1.5 58-13/16" W
59-1/4" L
47-5/8" H
1-1/2 440



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