Wesco Liftkar HD 725 lb X-Tall Electric Stairclimber Hand Truck

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    Wesco Liftkar HD 725 lb X-Tall Electric Stairclimber Hand Truck


    This Wesco Power LiftKar HD Truck is a heavy duty battery-powered stair climbing hand truck with an adjustable upper handle that allows operators to assume an ergonomic position when using the truck at a very low angle and a fold-out wheel carriage that slides easily into position to provide 4-wheel support. With the LiftKar HD hand truck, loads of up to 725 lbs can be moved by one person, making it possible to move bulky loads with greatly reduced effort. The effective use of this electric stairclimber will save time and money and will reduce the chance of worker injury. 

    Innovative Edge-of-Step Braking System

    As soon as the LiftKar HD is switched on, the fully automatic brakes are activated. The brakes sense the edge of the steps and stop the wheels to prevent further rolling. This makes transport safer by minimizing the chance of accidentally rolling off a step or losing control of the load. The brakes can be shut off when using the truck on level ground, thereby preventing unwanted braking when moving over ground with an uneven surface. The unit also comes equipped with a cargo belt with clasp that secures the load. 

    Adjustable and Foldable Handle

    Just by releasing a lever, the handle of this electric stair climbing truck can be adjusted for the most comfortable operator position. It is ideal for short and heavy loads that require the truck to be tilted to a steep angle to be properly balanced. The handle also folds down for more compact storage and transport.

    Convenient Operating Modes

    Powered by a 24V maintenance-free quick-change rechargeable battery, the truck can be set in either single step mode or continuous climb mode at a rate of  6 steps/min. or 10 steps/min. When fully charged, the battery will allow an average of 220 steps when moving 440 lbs. of cargo, 190 steps for 550-lb cargo, and 120 steps for cargo weighing 725 lbs. The battery comes with a charger and has a 6-month warranty. 1 year warranty is offered on parts against defects in materials and workmanship.

    Liftkar HD Application

    This Wesco Power LiftKar HD Truck is the ideal solution for transporting loads up all types of stairs of up to 8.5" in height. It is great to use when moving copiers, safes, heavy motors or any short and heavy load which would require the user to pull the load back to a very low position. It is also suitable for industrial and commercial material handling usage.

    Optional Accessories

    An optional snap-on toe plate equipped with 4 dual casters will provide additional cargo space and the ability to move loads without tilting truck. It is especially useful in confined areas.

    Spare battery packs can be purchased to extend the operating time. Each battery pack has a safety switch.

    An optional in-transit 12V DC auto charger and an additional strap are also available.


    • Part Number: 274238
    • Model: Wesco Power LiftKar HD Truck Extended Height Fold
    • Capacity: 725 lbs
    • Battery: Single
    • Belt: 2 piece with clasp - 137" x 2"
    • Width Noseplate: 21"
    • Depth Noseplate: 7.25"
    • Overall Width: 22"
    • Overall Height: 53.5" folded / 70" unfolded
    • Overall Depth: 21.3"
    • Unit Weight: 105 lbs

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Item - Wesco 274238
Our price - $6999.99
Our price - $6999.99
Wesco 274238
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Optional In-Transit Charger
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