Wincove Acquires Wesco Industrial Products to Join Bluff Manufacturing

We would like to congratulate Wincove Industries on acquires Wesco Industrial Products to Join Bluff Manufacturing.  A big shout out to Harry our dedicated sales rep from Wesco and the president George with whom we both enjoy a great working relationship. We look forward to adding the Bluff product line to our ever increasing catalog.

Below are some excerpts from the Press Release.

Wesco Industrial Products and Bluff Manufacturing have combined under Wincove Private Holdings. Joining together, Wesco and Bluff will expand their comprehensive material handling and warehouse safety solutions to benefit customers both domestically and internationally.
This is a very positive step forward for Wesco and Bluff and enhances both companies.  Business will proceed as usual as we look forward to increasing our ability to serve your material handling needs.
Wesco is a leading provider of non-motorized material handling and warehouse safety equipment.  The Company’s diverse range of products includes drum handling equipment, hand trucks, pallet trucks, lift tables, platform trucks and related parts.  Wesco was founded in 1948, and has developed a long tradition of providing high-quality products.  The Company is a reliable source for standard equipment, as well customer-specific solutions that improve safety and product flow.

Wincove acquired Wesco in 2017, joining it together with Bluff Manufacturing to create a comprehensive suite of material handling and warehouse safety solutions.  Aligning these two companies will greatly enhance their product offerings and geographic reach, delivering even greater value to their vast distribution networks.


The Handtrucks2go Team


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