ROI On Investing in an Electric Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Investing in an electric stair climber for moving safes, stoves, HVAC equipment, is not cheap. Typically it starts at about $2,000 and can run all the way up to $7000. Having said that, in our opinion not having one is even more expensive. For starters, you need to hire 3 to 4 people to move it, which usually entails waiting for all the workers to arrive at the site.

Next in most cases you will need to detach the door in order to lighten the load.

Then comes the fun, once all the men are on the job. In this case 3 men were waiting for the 4th, who arrived after 45 minutes.

Now this is something that I myself witnessed, it is already another 45 minutes, and after tying around heavy duty straps, using pipes and wooden beams to enable the safe to slide up the steps, they have managed to move it about 3 steps. This particular safe only weighs approximately 600lbs.

Imagine trying to move a 900lb safe or something even heavier! After checking in at about an hour in, the walls, and tiles on the bottom landing have been damaged. The tiling is ceramic so it’s going to cost I am guessing a couple hundred bucks.

So is a stair climbing dolly cheap? No. But not having one is even more expensive!

If you are smart, you will head over to Handtrucks2go today and get yourself a stair climbing hand truck.


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