NYC Man Crushed By Safe

Foxnews reports a Manhattan man was crushed while moving a safe in New York City. According to the report the man was crushed and killed by a giant safe on Sunday while attempting to move the 600-plus pound equipment in Lower Manhattan.

The unidentified man and two friends were trying to get the large safe down a flight of stairs at 76 Mott Street at around 4:30 p.m. when they lost control, according to law enforcement sources. The safe, which weighed between 600 and 800 pounds, slid down the stairs and pinned the man against the wall of the stairwell. He was moving it down from the fourth floor when the tragedy happened.

Accidents can and do happen but we must do all we can to prevent them. Having the correct equipment and know-how is of essential importance when moving any heavy load.

For this unfortunate man it is too late, but for others please consider getting an electric stair climber hand truck that is designed to assist you while moving safes and other heavy loads. Are they cheap? No. But most definitely cheaper than a human life!



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