Looking for a Narrow Electric Pallet Jack?

Pallet jacks have become essential equipment for any business looking to move palletized loads. Handtrucks2go now offers a range of narrow pallet jacks that you would not easily find in the market. Unlike the typical 27” wide fork pallet jacks that are widely available in the market, narrow pallet jacks are difficult to find. We will make it easier for you through this blog.

This article provides a brief overview of our full range of narrow electric pallet jacks.

Noblelift PTE33N-2145


The NOBLELIFT Edge Electric Pallet Jack features a 7” lift height designed to have the advantages of both a manual and electric pallet truck making it the perfect equipment for any type of material handling and solves all your problems the best way possible. It comes in 21″ x 45″ fork size.






Noblelift SPTE33X-2145

The NOBLELIFT Semi-Electric Heavy Duty Pallet Truck lifts feature a power drive and reverses and a manual pump for lowering and lifting your load. Special release feature allows it to be used as a conventional manual pallet jack if the battery gets depleted. Its fork size is 21″ wide and 45″ long.


If you have an existing manual narrow pallet jack and need to have it converted to electric pallet jack, you can get our PowerPallet Manual Pallet Jack Converter. The PowerPallet is a new and unique “bolt-on” device that will instantly convert any standard major brand manual pallet jack into an ultra-compact motorized pallet jack. This revolutionary, multi-patented invention consists of a powerful, battery operated compact drive unit and throttle assembly that can be connected to any major brand or standard pallet jack.

You can click this link to see more of the different pallet jack options that are available from us.




The Wesco Semi-Electric Pallet Truck is a great product that will give you great movement. This is a dual-speed truck with automatic braking. If the handle is released or near the vertical or horizontal position by 10-degrees, or if the throttle is released, the hand truck will brake automatically. It has 20.50″ x 48″ fork size.




Vestil EPT-2048-45 and EPT-2047-30


The Vestil fully powered pallet truck was made for easy and quick operation. Electric drive and lift. Includes fingertip raise and lower buttons. Easy-to-operate throttle for forward and reverse direction. Throttle offers infinite forward and reverse speeds. Safety features include a horn and belly reverse button. The EPT-2048-45 has a 20″ x 48″ fork size while the EPT-2047-30 has 20″ x  47″ fork size.




Vestil PMC-EPT-2045

The Vestil Pramac Electric Pallet Truck comes with 20″ wide x 45″ long fork size. Designed to make the operator’s task extremely easy, this electric pallet jack combines the compactness and versatility of a hand pallet truck with the ergonomics of an electric pallet truck. It is suited for moving loads in confined spaced where larger electric pallet trucks will not fit.











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