Business Efficiency Can Save Lives


Employers sometimes think that they are saving more money from not investing for the right moving equipment for their business. Not knowing that they are at risk of greater loss when operating without proper machinery for the business. Injured employees, lost man-hours, damaged products or properties and unsatisfied customers are just some of the many possible problems that might be encountered when a business operates without proper moving equipment.

One of the most common causes of back injuries in the US is unsafe lifting and carrying of heavy loads. Employees often complain about having to carry heavy materials from one place to another just to get their job done. This also often leads to injuries that have many possible effects on the employee, not only to his job but also to his family. Lost wages or worst lost career due to injury, an injury that requires medical treatment that would cost a person his own money. Spending the money for treatment without having an income may lead to depression and depression affects the whole family.

On the side of the business owner, having an injured employee requires to hire an alternative person to do the job. That would cost the business for training and it is expected that the productivity of the business is less when a trainee or a new employee do the job. There is not even a guarantee that a replacement would be found immediately when an employee gets injured, which would mean even less if not totally no productivity. Employees’ safety is also a liability of the business owner. Therefore, an injured employee should expect assistance from the employer which would definitely mean an expense on the business.

Other than an injured employee, damaged equipment, product or property can also be encountered by a business who operates with no proper moving equipment. Accidental or uncontrolled sudden drop of products or equipment that is being delivered often causes damage to the item or property. Who would be happy on instead of having their safe or vault installed, ended up having a broken tile floor or damaged door frame?

Unsatisfied customer. It is critical for all business of any industry to always deliver the best customer satisfaction whether it is a product or service they are offering. An unsatisfied customer may be influential to his family and friends who are potential future customers that the business can possibly lose.  Never in the history of customer service that an unsatisfied promoted the service or product that caused them frustration so it is important to avoid any accident that can be caused by bot having proper moving equipment especially if your business involves transporting or moving heavy furniture, vending machines, drums or kegs, copiers, safes, woodstoves, and the likes.

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