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Platform Style Lift trucks

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Platform Style Lift trucks

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Scissor Dock Lift and Loading Dock Lift
Item: WL-100-5-48

Many Different Models Available

Our price: $8489.99

Wesco 1000 lb Capacity Winch Stacker
Item: 270214

Heavy Duty
Made In the USA

Our price: $2037.99

Our platform style lift trucks category contains manual and electric material lift trucks, we work hard to bring you a full variety of choices so that whatever it is you may need you will be able to find it right here, right away, and as always at Handtrucks2go.com's famous discounted prices.




NO TAX (except in NJ)

 Handtrucks2go.com offers the platform style lift truck both manual and electric at their everyday discounted prices.  Wesco is the partnered manufacturer of these platform style lift trucks. 

 The manual style lift truck is operated or worked by hand rather than electrical power.  It requires human effort to operate it.  The electric style lift truck is powered by electricity with little human effort to operate or control it.  Both, however, come with the best price guarantee at Handtrucks2go.com already low discounted prices.

 The Economy Lift Truck Stacker has a lift height of forty seven (47) or fifty nine (59) inches with a weight capacity of eight hundred eight (880) pounds.  This model is equipped with adjustable width forks and is foot operated.  This allows the machine to carry a wide variety of sizes, shapes and weights.  The rails and handles are chrome plated providing extra durability.  The TECHNICAL DETAILS link has the complete specifications, including wheel sizes, for the Economy Lift Truck Manual Stacker.

 The Four Wheel Foot Pump Platform Lift Truck has a lift height of forty (40) inches up to fifty four (54) inches.  The weight capacity of this lift truck is seven hundred (750) pounds.  It has a foot operated release pedal and is easy to operate.  There are three (3) different models with different lift heights and platform sizes.  Check out additional details through the DETAILS link under the picture of this machine.

 The Power Stacker Platform Style Lift Truck has a weight capacity of fifteen hundred (1500) to two thousand (2000) pounds.  The lift height is sixty (60) inches to ninety (90) inches.   The lift capabilities of the Power Stacker Platform Style Lift vary according to the different models.  There are four (4) models on this Handtrucks2go.com website.  More information is available on the DETAILS link.

 The Two Wheel Hydraulic Platform Lift Truck is Foot Operated with a seven hundred fifty (750) pound capacity.  The lift height is forty (40) inches to fifty four (54) inches, depending on which model you purchase.    The platform measurements are according to the size of the truck itself.  It has a foot operated hydraulic pump that raises the platform while the foot release pedal lowers the platform.  It, too, comes in three (3) different models.

 Additional information is available on these four (4) Lift Truck-Hydraulic Stackers by checking the Details link under each of the photos of the specific model you are considering.  It is easy to compare the four by reading each link individually.  However, if there are still questions that you need answered, please call the Handtrucks2go.com Customer Service Desk.  Our trained, friendly associates are waiting and eager to help each customer with all of their questions whether they are big or small questions. 

 As with all mechanical equipment, manual or electrical, please use caution when operating each machine.  These are for adult operators only.  Children should never be allowed to be around or use these machines. 

 Thank you for shopping our website.  Handtrucks2go.com is a great company with great products for your business needs.

Only one place to buy you Platform Style Lift Trucks-Handtrucks2go.com


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