Liberator Three Way Hand Truck

Liberator Three Way Hand Truck

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water bottle delivery hand truckPerfect Water Delivery Hand Truck

The Liberator 3 way hand truck brings you all the benefits of a convertible hand truck, with the additional 45 degree capability. Allows access into elevators, hallways etc. where traditional platform carts won't fit.

Ideal for bottles water deliveries, ice companies, and other delivery professionals.

• Top Assembly is 1 piece welded steel for extra strength and durability

• Latches lock the cart securely in 45 degree angle

• Folding nose tucks completely within the frame when folded

• Cast noseplate, 18” x 7.5”

• 12" x 51" platform bed

• 27” Folding nose

• 600 lb capacity in 2 wheel position

• 900 lb capacity in 4 wheel position

• Available with either 10" balloon cushion wheels, 10" pneumatic wheels, or 10" Carefree foam filled tires

different uses for the 3 position hand truck


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Item - B60-CA2-D15
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Our price - $604.99
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