Hilman 3 Point Tri-Glide Roller System - 18 Ton

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    Hilman 3 Point Tri-Glide Roller System - 18 Ton

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    18 Ton Hilman Tri-Glide Roller System

    The 18 Ton Hilman Tri-Glide Mover System, a three-point moving system is designed for moving heavy loads over specially coated floors. It is comprised of a front steering unit and two rear adjustable units. Hilman Rollers’ Tri-Glide was developed in response to a growing demand for floor protection when moving heavy loads over smooth, painted, finished, or sealed floors.

    The Tri-Glide is another safe, efficient, reliable product from the makers of Hillman Rollers. The Tri-Glide 3-point moving system provides a safe and efficient method for moving heavy objects. With the rear units kept aligned by use of a spreader bar, the rear dollies can be adjusted from a range of 10” apart to as much as 48” apart.

    Placing the dollies where support is needed ensures the rear dolly will be kept parallel in order to track properly when moving. Just as the rear wheels of your car follow the front when you turn, so too will the Tri-Glide’s rear dollies follow the front. Thus 3- point moving affords the user a wide range of mobility.

    All Tri-Glide Moving Systems contain the following components:

    • One steerable front unit and two adjustable-width rear units 
    • Front unit has Swivel Padded Top, Padded Hand Grips, and Tow Eye 
    • Two rear units are adjustable in width for larger loads
    • Built-in For Truck Towing Handle

    For more details see the Technical Details Tab on top of the page.
    Choose from Nylon, Polyurethane, or Steel rolls to suit your moving requirements.

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