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Die Handlers

Need a custom solution? Make sure to check out our Custom Die and Mold Handling Equipment category.

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Die Handlers

Need a custom solution? Make sure to check out our Custom Die and Mold Handling Equipment category.

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5,000 lb 36"W x 120"L - 33" - 53" Lift Hydraulic Foot Operated Lift Table
Item: 492257

Customizable Options

Our price: $9559.99

5,000 lb 36"W x 60"L - 33" - 53" Lift Hydraulic Foot Operated Lift Table
Item: 492254

Customizable Options

Our price: $8139.99

5,000 lb 36"W x 72"L - 33" - 53" Lift Hydraulic Foot Operated Lift Table
Item: 492255

Customizable Options

Our price: $8469.99

5,000 lb 36"W x 96"L - 33" - 53" Lift Hydraulic Foot Operated Lift Table
Item: 492256

Customizable Options

Our price: $8939.99

Die and Mold Handlers

Any professional worth their salt knows that they need a top quality die handler they can rely on. Unfortunately, too many are inferior, made of low-grade steel and other poor quality metals and contruction. As a result, they simply don’t lift as much as you need them to, rendering them practically useless and potentially unsafe.

Some die handlers go too far, being bulky and huge and providing a lift capacity you’ll never need. If you need a reliable lifter that will only let you down when you need it to, you won’t find a better line than ours.

Our line of professional-grade hydraulic lift tables and die handlers were designed for everyday use in mind. Unlike other companies who either make them too small or way to large, ours are compact without sacrificing lifting power. Portable, precise, and hard-working, these may very well be the last lifters you’ll ever have to purchase.

Because of their size, durability, and lift capacity, our line of die handlers have been enjoyed by many professionals just like you. In fact, we’ve been surprised with just how versatile they actually are. Our lifters are perfect for any job, including:

  • Loading and Docking Needs
  • Mobility Transportation/Impairment Transportation Needs
  • Machine Feeding
  • Pallet Transportation & Roll Cages
  • Furniture Moving and Upholstery Services
  • Mobile Equipment Services
  • And other industrial uses.

Whenever you need to safely and easily do some heavy lifting for your job, we have you covered with a great quality die handler that won’t quit.

We have die handlers and motorized lifters for any need. Whether you need full-turning, partial swivel, or motorized lifting equipment, our line of die handlers do it all. When you choose us, you’re getting access to an entire spread of lifters, including:

  • Full 360° Turning Platforms
  • Locking Swiveling Wheels
  • Telescoping Guide Tubes
  • Motorized Options with both AC and DC Power Supply
  • Manual Foot-Powered Lifting Models
  • And other great choices for any professional.

Whether you need to replace your old bulky lifter, had a lesser quality one topple over, or are just in the market for a reliable die handler, our line are as efficient as they are easy to use. Whether you have a long day of loading vehicles, feeding machines, or need assistance with your personal transportation needs, our handlers will do it all.

Others may try to get by with simple push carts. While this may work in the short term, it won’t do your back any favors. And after repeated use, you’re going to wish you sprang for one of our manual, hydraulic, or battery-powered die handler.

In our experience, some try to only use a scissor lift, or other larger, bulkier lifting equipment as a one-size-fits-all solution. While this may work with some needs, it also makes it far more difficult to transport both the item being lifted, as well as the apparatus itself.

Other die handlers try to compete solely on price. While you may think you’re getting a great deal, they are cheaply made with overseas labor and low-quality metals. The end result is lifters that should be able to last bend, scratch, and otherwise become damaged far sooner than expected. By “saving” money on a cheaper model, you wind up having to buy it twice.

Your shop is only as good as the tools and equipment used inside of it. No matter what your profession is, your die handler has to be as reliable as the work you provide to others. When your die handlers quit before you do, you know you go a raw deal. That’s something you never have to worry about when you buy from us; just great quality die handlers that last longer than any other brand. Affordable, compact, and easy to transport, these are the best, hands down.

When you need a lifter that’s going to work as hard as you do, you won’t find a better line of lifters around. By utilizing a smaller body, easier steering and lifting, and allowing you to pick your preference in how it operates, our die handlers are perfect for anyone. When you need to get through your heavy lifting faster, easier, and safer, you need our die and mold handlers.

We also offer a custom fabrication option if needed. We work with top of the line enginners and manufactureres ensuring a top quality end product and a smooth purchase process. Call one of our friendly specialist today for assistance in ordering a custom dye stacker, dye table, or dye pallet jack.

Mold and Die Lift Tables and Handling Carts on sale today at Handtrucks2go.com.


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