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DJ/ Musicians Cart

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DJ/ Musicians Cart

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Krane AMG 500 Musician cart
Item: AMG 500

3 Positions, Weighs Only
23 lbs, 500 lb. Capacity

List Price: $399.99 save 13%
Our price: $349.99

Krane AMG 750 Musician and DJ Cart
Item: Krane AMG 750

750 lb. Capacity

Our price: $499.99

Handtrucks2go is proud to offer you a variety of DJ and Musicians Hand Carts.

Of note is the famous RocknRoller® Multi-Cart equipment transporters. These are the most popular choice for DJ hand trucks and for musicians to move their equipment with.They are known to vastly reduce time and effort moving equipment. The patented design instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations to fit any equipment size or shape replacing the need for 8 different carts. Multi-Carts® quickly move huge amounts of gear yet fold small for storage. Strong steel tube frame with tough textured finish to resist load slippage. Although originally intended for musicians and DJ's to transport their equipment (and serve as a platform for them to play on as well!) they have been quickly realized by many professionals as a great cart for a broad spectrum of uses!

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