118" Lift Fully Powered Electric Stacker With Adjustable Legs - 2600 lb Capacity

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    118" Lift Fully Powered Electric Stacker With Adjustable Legs - 2600 lb Capacity


    The EOSLift T12J is a fully powered (electric drive and lift)  stacker with a 2,640 lb capacity that can raise your load up to 118". Safe and silent drive with continuously variable speed ensures a smooth drive. Please note that weight capacity decreases as you raise the forks higher, see Specs tab for more info.

    Built with the state of the art design, quality, and style, this unit is ideal when needing to move and raise loads in confined areas such as tight aisles, in supermarkets, warehouses, loading docks, retail or workshop environments and many other applications where operating space is limited.

    The traction drive system is designed with the highest quality components and features a quiet operation. The helical gearbox has long life to reduce unexpected down times. The 3-phase AC drive motor provides powerful accelerationand a maximum speed of 4.0mph. Includes  battery monitoring system helps to extend battery life and improve productivity. Electromagnetic brake and energy is returned to thebattery for more efficiency.

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    • Capacity: 2,640 lbs
    • Fork Size: 27" wide x 45.3 long (outer dimensions)
    • Overall Dimensions: 84" long x 59.1" wide
    • Lowered fork height: 3.3", Raised fork height: 118"
    • 24 VOLT 160aH battery
    • Unit weight 1,859 lbs
    • Turning radius required: 62.7"

    Features and Benefits

    • Long tiller arm allows a reasonable distance between the operator and the truck, for added safety
    • Multifunction display with hourmeter , maintenance indication , battery discharge indicator and internal fault code indication
    • Suitable for narrow spaces such as truck loading and unloading, supermarkets and workshops
    • Electromagnetic brake system greatly improves the efficiency
    • Automatic parking brake
    • Polyurethane drive wheel
    • Tandem polyurethane load wheels
    • Cold store protection to -10ºC
    • Vertical battery change
    • Horn easily accessible on control arm
    • Emergency reversing device and emergency brake function
    • Acrylic guard plate
    • Proportional speed control
    • Maintenance-free AC drive motor, replacement of carbon brush not needed
    • 24V / 120AH maintenance-free battery
    • The ergonomically designed handle with accessible buttons reducing operator fatigue
    • Exceptional maneuverability in extremely confined areas ensured by creep speed button
    • 3 year limited manufacturer warranty

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Item - T12J
List Price: $6999.99
Our price - $5989.99
List Price: $6999.99
Our price - $5989.99
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